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Knowledge about foreskin




To make an informed choice, parents of all male infants should be given accurate and unbiased information.

Circumcision Policy Statement, American Academy of Pediatrics, March 1, 199



What is the reasons for circumcision? Indication is described as followed:

1. Circumcision is Essential

  • Religion : Infant Jewish and Muslim males
  • Parental request
  • Disire to be  circumcised
  • Tight foreskin
  • inflammation
  • Torn or tight frenulum


Phimosis and persistent balanitis are the most common medical reasons for circumcision. Have yourself circumcised if you suffer from these troubles because they will get worse with time and may lead to more serious complications in later life. A vicious circle develops in which balanitis produces phimosis which prevents washing the penis and leads to further attacks of balanitis, due to lack of hygiene, with more scarring. If phimosis is the primary condition then balanitis will sooner or later be a complication and the same cycle of events results. Men who get cancer of the penis usually give a history of 20-40 years of phimosis and/or chronic balanitis so these troubles have more than just a nuisance value. It is not generally known that the tendency to penis troubles is inherited so if a man has trouble with his prepuce or frenulum he should seriously consider having his sons circumcised at birth as a preventative measure.


2.  Circumcision is Advisable

  • Climate or Occupation
  • Redundant foreskin
  • Very loose foreskin
  • Physical or Mental handicap



3.  Circumcision is Optional


  • Prevention of cancer of the penis : Cancer of the penis affects men in the 40-70 age group and being fairly rare only causes 80-100 deaths every year in the U.K. It is treated by partial or complete amputation of the penis and about half of the victims survive for 3 years. Men who develop this cancer give a history of phimosis and/or balanitis over a period of years. Smegma seems to be the cancer producing agent which accumulates before the foreskin becomes retractable in the child, or later in life when hygiene is not practised due to phimosis or ignorance. Complete circumcision in the first three years of life completely prevents this disease and a lesser degree of protection is afforded if circumcision is incomplete or done later in life. Whether it would be justifiable to circumcise all new born boys to protect the small number who will later in life get penile cancer is a matter for debate. It has been suggested that it is better to lose a little bit than risk losing the lot!
  • Prevention of cancer of the neck of the womb
  • Prevention of cancer of the prostate gland
  • Hygiene
  • Aesthetic considerations
  • Delays orgasm
  • Improved stimulation during intercourse
  • Increases the efficiency of a small penis
  • Reduces the risk of V.D. (not prevent V.D.) V.D.=Venereal Disease (one of Sexual Transmitted Disease)
  • Circumcised brothers
  • Unsatisfactory circumcision

 Source : Indication for Circumcision


Circumcision Statistics


What happen during Circumcision?  and What is effect of infant circumcision?









Circumcision Reference Library collects about results, effects, side effects and complications of Circumcision.



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