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Knowledge about foreskin


Foreskin Stretching article

 Below are described two phimosis treatment techniques for stretching a tight foreskin:

1. The pull back stretch

This is appropriate if you cannot get two fingers into the foreskin at the end. If you can get two fingers in, skip to exercise 2 - it's more efficient.

1.1   Attempt to retract the foreskin until there is some discomfort - as much as you can tolerate without being in agony.

1.2   Hold for 30 seconds, then pull forwards again.

1.3   Relax

Repeat this for 5 minutes. It can help to do it in the bath - the heat helps loosen things up a bit.



Following persistent stretching over a few weeks the opening will get bigger and arrive to the point where it can almost fit over the rim of the penis glans when erect. At this point take care to avoid trapping the foreskin behind the glans (Paraphimosis) when it becomes loose enough to happen but tight enough to be difficult to bring forward again.
If this happens try and ease the foreskin forward but if after several attempts you don’t manage to bring the foreskin back over the glans then seek medical help.
You may try to reduce by yourselve by squeezing grand penis while foreskin is pulling forward as followed.

If you can not reduce it by yourselve after a few times. Seek medical help instantly.
To Avoid Paraphymosis, move on to the ridge band exercise described as followed:

2. Ridged band (the interface (join) between the outer and inner foreskin layers) stretch



This assumes you can get two fingers in - if not, follow the previous exercise.

2.1  Insert your two index fingers into the opening of the foreskin and feel around for the phimotic ring. If you can't find it, try and retract and see which bit snags on the glans - that's the bit you want.

2.2  Pull your fingers in opposing directions. Again, discomfort is okay, but not agony.

2.3  Hold for 30 seconds, then pull forwards again.

As above, repeat for 5 minutes, and doing it in the bath can help.


In both of the above approaches if the foreskin opening becomes sore or small splits develop you will need to stop and let things heal.

You may notice that as you progressively expose more of the glans (the head) of the penis that it is super sensitive or even painful to the touch. Gradually this over sensitivity will subside as you continue your exercises.

Try gently exposing the glans to the running water of a tap or the spray of the shower to decrease sensitivity.
If you continue slowly with this process it is highly likely you will see results after a few weeks, stop too soon however and most likely things will just tighten up again.


3. Frenulum Stretching

The frenulum is a slippery little blighter, but it can be stretched. If you have tore your frenulum through sexual activity, let it heal before following these instructions (also, consider using a lubricant to reduce the tugging on it during sex).

3.1   Locate the phimotic ring

3.2   Grip the end of the frenulum which joins onto the phimotic ring between your thumb and forefinger

3.3   Pull away from the body (away from the glans) until taut, and a mite uncomfortable.

3.4   Hold for 30 seconds, then let go

You might need to hook your thumb around to stop the frenulum slipping away. Again, doing it in the bath can help.




Foreskin Stretching

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